5 Things to Expect in a Vinyasa Yoga Classes

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Vinyasa – the word itself means flow. A Vinyasa yoga practitioner flows from and into a series of poses in a very graceful and soothing manner. Vinyasa yoga is a combination of many different types of yoga including Ashtanga as well as power yoga.

Thus, not only it provides physical health but its slow-fashioned practice leads to a relaxed state of mind. CLICK HERE to participate in the Best Yoga Classes in California. If the thought of joining a yoga class still scares you, here’s a guide on Yoga Classes For beginners.

So let’s look at what should be expected from any Vinyasa class.

Sun salutations

Suryanamaskaras or sun salutations are an important part of any yoga school.

Since Vinyasa is a combination of many, sun salutations are practiced a lot here. Vinyasa teaches two types of sun salutations – A and B. This practice involves a sequence of poses with inhaling and exhaling.

Thus, it is a beneficial practice for beginners, for people suffering from energy loss, stress, anxiety, and improper blood and energy circulation.


Breath synchronization

Breath is the soul of Vinyasa. Basically, it connects breathing to the movement. Likewise, the instructor will ask you to inhale while moving into one posture and exhale while moving into the next posture.

For example, the instructor asks you to exhale when you enter a lunge and then inhale deeply so that it helps in lengthening the spine to its fullest. This kind of breath synchronization lets the practitioner stretch at its full limit with deep and relaxed breathing.

Flow of poses

With breath comes the flow and feel to the movements performed. The slow breathing fashion gives rise to a slow and full motion of our body. Thus, the movements in vinyasa classes are sometimes repetitive and inclined towards finding the individual body flow.

For example, if a vinyasa instructor says, “go through the vinyasa at your own pace” that means go through a series of plank transitions but at your OWN pace.


Wide range of styles and levels

The above point totally talks about individual flow and growth. Thus, any and every vinyasa yoga class gives different levels of vinyasa for beginners and advanced practitioners ranging from slow vinyasa to dynamic and advanced flow.

Vinyasa, being a combined style of different styles, is practiced and taught in different ways. Thus, you will find a wide range of styles and levels in vinyasa yoga classes.

Calm Mind

Vinyasa is also known as “moving meditation” due to the breath-movement linking practice mentioned above. Deep and slow breathing is a great way to lose stress and tension in the muscles as well as the mind. Thus, leading to a calm and soothing state of mind.

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So stretch, breathe, and relax your way to health and happiness.