Dr Wade Malesich


My name is Dr. Wade Malesich, I am a Chiropractor with specialty training that allows me to perform treatments that produce improved results over most other Chiropractic treatments. My specialty training builds on my foundation of chiropractic skills.

My undergraduate studies are in exercise science. I received a degree in massage therapy and chiropractic. While in chiropractic school I mentored under a therapist named Tobe Hanson. He is the soft tissue consultant of The San Jose Sharks. I use his technique almost exclusively in diagnosing and treating patients.

Palmer Chiropractic West 2008-2009, Rehab Diplomate program level 1 2008-2009, Exercise Science from BYU 2002-2006, Utah College of Massage Therapy 1998-1999

Sherwood Golf Course 2012-2013, Elite Fitness Plus 2011-2013, Private Practice 2009-Current, ACHS Athletic Trainer 2010-2013, Team Doctor Bond Squad MMA 2010- Present, San Jose Ballet 2007-2010, Team Doctor for the Los Angeles Speed Project (LASP) 2013 – Current, Therapist at Crossfit Southern California Regionals 2013