Christine Estes

Starting at a very young age I gained a passion for all varieties of fitness including running, dancing, gymnastics, and weightlifting. My main focus used to be on being the best runner I could be and not until my sophomore year in college did I discover CrossFit. I saw some YouTube videos of different WODs that I tried out at home and soon after that I joined a CrossFit gym!

I graduated from college with a degree in Middle and High School Social Studies Education and have always had a love for teaching/coaching. Therefore, a few years into doing CrossFit I got my L1 certification and my husband and I became head coaches of our hometown CrossFit gym in Columbus, OH.

Fun Fact: I have lived in Ohio the majority of my life and moving to California has always been on my bucket list. So on my 24th birthday my husband and I drove here from Ohio in my small car with my 2 large maine coon cats in the backseat. It was an eventful 2000 miles!