Chanida Sintuu

Sport. What is sport? Webster’s defines sport as to deviate or vary abruptly from type. To deviate or vary abruptly from type.

Not everyone is born with the natural talent and athleticism of the aforementioned, but you don’t need that to walk into our CrossFit gym. You don’t need to be the best athlete in the world, your town or even your block. You don’t need super human strength, height or amazing coordination. You just need the nerve to come in for that first class and have a willingness to leave it on the floor to make a difference in your CrossFit community. Pushing through a wod when your whole body says no, when you’re completely drenched in sweat, when doing one more rep seems like the hardest thing in the world is what engenders people to one another and creates a community.

My goal and mission is simple: Create a community of people who are willing to deviate from type. CrossFit is accessible to anyone willing to work hard, respect one another, and strive to do something positive with their health and fitness. That’s Vault CrossFit. That’s the sport of fitness. That’s what every single person is capable of when they walk through those doors every day.