Olympic Lifting Classes | A Creative Way to Sculpt and Tone up Your Body

Olympic Lifting Classes

There has been a burgeoning interest in Olympic weightlifting in the past few years. This has been attributed to the mainstream popularity of Crossfit that incorporates some of the vital movements of Olympic weightlifting in its workouts.

As per prominent experts in the field, Crossfit can become in extreme in some cases and people are not able to keep up with the intensity of the program. However, what everybody seems to have truly appreciated the Olympic weightlifting part of the program. For this, joining reputable Olympic lifting classes can render the sport-spirited ones with they are looking for.


What is Olympic lifting all about?

Basically, Olympic weightlifting, which is fast catching with women in the US comprises of two major kinds of overhead lifts. These are known as ‘snatch’ and the ‘clean and jerk’. Both of these require a full body range of motion. A barbell is used to lift the maximum possible amount of weight in the fastest time.



In this lift, the athlete starts with both the feet kept apart by the width of the hip. Come into the squat position. The weight of the barbell is the lifted up across the legs up to the chest. This is followed by a lurch in the shoulders for pulling yourself under the barbell while going into a full squat. After the bar has passed over your head, push it to straighten your body. All these series of movements are performed in a single motion.


Clean and jerk:

As suggested by the name, this movement consists of two kinds of motions. The athlete begins by bending over and holding the barbell in a grip with a shoulder width distance of the arms. Drop your hips into the squat position while keeping the back flat and the arms straight and flat. Now lift the shoulders, pause to gather energy and give a jerk to thrust the barbell overhead while straightening the arms.

Olympic lifting differs from powerlifting in the speed aspect. As per reputable gym owners in NYC, women love the Olympic lifting as the combination of various movements in a snatch is a lot more creative than powerlifting. Experts also point out that snatch is a highly technical movement which when performed well presents a sight to watch.

Spending just an hour for two times a week in your Olympic lifting sessions can render amazing results. You get sculpted body with greater strength at the core. You can know more about this one-of-a-kind full body workout with Olympic lifting classes by visiting at  http://vaultcrossfit.com.