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Vault Kids (Kids Fitness Classes)

kids fitness classes

The Vault Kids program provides a fun fitness experience for kids that is just as entertaining as it is motivational!

It’s a great way for your kids to get out of the house for an hour to expend some energy, have a blast, and stay healthy.

Each class is divided into three segments, designed to help your child increase their fitness, self-esteem, flexibility, balance, and strength.

In the first segment, kids will focus on cardio activity to get warmed up and their hearts pumping. This includes stretching, team races, jump rope, and other cardio movements like everyone’s favorite…


In the second segment, kids will learn and practice a movement. This is where they will practice and perfect the proper form and technique from a variety of movements including gymnastics, weightlifting, and various body weight movements.

In the third segment, kids will complete an workout. The workout changes with each class, so it’s always a new challenge both physically and mentally!