CT Fletcher: How He Grew

CT Fletcher is an incredibly interesting story (and one that you can watch on Netflix). You may have come across some of his videos on YouTube. He’s specializes in motivation and he certainly has his own way of doing it. He’s vulgar, honest and straight forward about who he is. Even though it’s not CrossFit, you can see some parallels in what he does in his day to day.

To tell some of the story without giving it all away, CT was focused on being the greatest powerlifter in the world. He was never focused on physique. He was excellent at what he did and set some world records. CT later in life had some heart problems that plagued much of his family in the past but decided to push through it all. Nothing ever came of his weight lifting financially until someone asked to film him for YouTube. CT agreed to do it as long as he could remain unfiltered. From there, his legend was born.

If you have time for a documentary, check out My Magnificent Obsession on Netflix. It’s worth it!