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Vault Basics

This is our fundamentals 3-part series program that is required of all athletes new to CrossFit. We have successfully condensed this into 3 private one on one sessions and we do ask each and every new athlete to commit to these prior to entering the CrossFit or Olympic Lifting classes. We have made this on ramp program process more affordable than ever! FIRST SESSION IS FREE.

Vault CrossFit Basics


Anyone new to our facility (regardless of experience) will be assessed in 60 seconds or less to determine eligibility to take this class. Please take note of this before you arrive and be prepared to demonstrate your CrossFit knowledge. Be sure to sign up for Vault Basics if you need a refresher prior to your first CrossFit class!

Vault CrossFit


Vault Dynamics™ is 60-minute high energy cardio-based interval training that combines functional movements that fatigue your body with agility, speed training, power endurance training and plyometrics movements. Vault Dynamics™ is perfect for the athlete looking to improving his or her overall performance or for the non-athlete who looking to train like one. The key to success with Vault Dynamics™ is to make sure all functional movements are performed at a high intensity to simulate the demands placed on an athlete when he or she performs on the field. Vault Dynamics™ will also focus on and improve what we call the BIG 3: Cardio endurance, Muscle endurance, and the Body’s Physical Appearance.

Vault Dynamics


This class focuses on Crossfit movements, kipping, muscle up, toes to bar, chest to bar, just to name a few. You will learn to be more efficient with Crossfit gymnastics movements and develop, strength, flexibility, balance, body control and better spatial awareness that will make you a better athlete. You will also be learning other gymnastics movements, front levers, back levers and handstand skills. This class will have a skill, strength and a workout.

Vault Gymnastics

Olympic Lifting

Vault Oly is our barbell lifting class! This class will provide athletes with work on their technique in the olympic lifts. Classes will include drills to improve the lifts and work on increasing strength and power as well as performing the lifts themselves. Plus… its fun to throw around heavy weight!

Vault Oly


A vinyasa power flow class. Vinyasa is a continuous flow of movement using the sun salutations while working on lengthening the muscles and opening up the hip flexors, shoulders, and other tight areas. Imagine how much your workouts will change once your hamstrings start to elongate from the downward dogs and those tight hip flexors start releasing making your squats and dead lifts easier to do and access. It’s a great way to relieve stress and tension in the muscles as well as the mind, while still feeling like you are doing something great for your body. You don’t have to be super flexible to take the class; taking yoga is going to bring back that mobility into the body!

Vault Yoga


Vault’s group indoor cycling workout! Cardio and aerobic based for all skill levels. No complex movements and no helmet needed! Low impact to balance out your CrossFit regimen!

Vault Spin

Tuesday, April 25


Part A. Thrusters: 10 @ (115/75) Rest 1 min 15 @ (115/75) Rest 2 min 20 @ (115/75) Rest 3 min 25 @ (115/75) **UNBROKEN WOD: 14m Clock: 6m AMRAP 12 KBS (70/53) 12 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20") Rest 4 min 4m AMRAP 8 KBS 8 Burpee Box Jump Overs

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Thursday, April 27


Part A. 12 minutes to find: Max Height Box Jump *paired with Max Distance Broad Jump WOD: 18m AMRAP 100m Run 1 Clean and Jerk *start at 65% 1RM and increase 5-10 pound each round. Score is your highest successful lift.

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Friday, March 31


Part A. 12m EMOM Odd: 20s L-Sit Even: 1 min Stone Hold (135/95) WOD: 3 Rounds for time: 50 DU 50ft Front Rack Lunge (135/95) 5 Bar MU

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Wednesday, January 17


Part A. 10m EMOM 2 Power Cleans + 1 Split Jerk *may not drop bar between the power cleans. WOD: 20m AMRAP 1 Deadlift (405/285 or 85%) 10 T2B 50 DU (sub 10 attempts and 90 singles)

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Monday, January 15


Part A. 10m Thruster EMOM Min 1: 3 @ 65% Min 2: 3 @ 75% Min 3: 3 @ 80% Min 4-10: 3 @ 85% WOD: 17m Clock: 5m AMRAP 10 Clean and Jerk (135/95) 10 Bar Facing Burpees 3m Rest 4m AMRAP 8 Clean and Jerk (135/95) 8 Bar Facing Burpees 2m Rest 3m AMRAP 6 Clean and Jerk 6 Bar Facing Burpees

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