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CrossFit (Crossfit Classes)

Anyone new to our facility (regardless of experience) will be assessed in 60 seconds or less to determine eligibility to take this class.  Please take note of this before you arrive and be prepared to demonstrate your CrossFit knowledge.  Be sure to sign up for Vault Basics if you need a refresher prior to your first CrossFit class!

This class is appropriate for all skill levels and is based on the workout of the day (WOD) that is created by our expert coaches. We also incorporate the benchmark WODs that CrossFit affiliates around the world are all too familiar with and you will come to know and love them too. 10 physical principles are routinely tested in these WODS:

1. cardiovascular/respiratory endurance
2. stamina
3. strength
4. flexibility
5. power
6. speed
7. coordination
8. agility
9. balance
10. accuracy